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01-08-2013, 08:23 AM
Blind Gardien
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Seems like a relatively balanced offer. I would pass from the Habs' POV, however. Subban is just too difficult to replace, and getting a forward back for him isn't really something that the Habs can live with atm.

I think Couturier surprised a lot of people with the maturity level of his game and handled his defensive responsibilities spectacularly in his rookie season, which really provides a great deal of hope and optimism for his complete game looking forward, but... I think some fans must be completely unaware of who Plekanec is and how he plays if they are saying Couturier is so clearly better right now in that respect. I'd rather have Couturier than Plekanec anyway, mind you, as an overall asset, but it's on future potential, not on present ability.

For me, from the Habs' POV, as trade assets, Subban > Couturier > Plekanec > Voracek, and the other two players don't matter. All of those ">" signs represent fairly close comparisons too, so it shouldn't be considered a "terrible" offer any way you slice it. It's just that for the Habs, there are other ways to manage the hope of having a good two-way forward already in hand - Plekanec himself is one, Eller shows signs of becoming one. We wouldn't have the size and full potential of Couturier there, but maybe something in a reasonable enough proximity to get by. Whereas with Subban... approximating what he does or replacing him would just be a much bigger challenge. Hence passing from the Habs' POV.

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