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01-08-2013, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
I'm with you RH don't get me wrong. While I was yelling at the TV for Shannie to pull him I probably would have been yelling at the TV if he did and went with Cousins! More frustration than anything else. We would have certainly won that game if he was healthy..bah!

RE: Hankerson..I really didn't think that was too bad. That would have been a very tough catch even if he extended himself. Griff was off on his throws after the injury and that was one of them. WR have to protect themselves too.

Montgomery gets a pass for a couple piss poor snaps that cost us dearly both in terms of the game and being the straw that broke the Griffin's knee.

I'm feeling very good about next season whether Griffin starts it or, more likely, not.
The PI non-call on Moss was the final nail. Seahawks were a bunch of thugs. Thugs I tell you, THUGS!

The only cloud here, is we dont have a ton of draft picks to reload, and we have a strapped salary cap situation.

I dont know-- a lot went right for the Skins to be 10-6 and win the NFC. NFC East was woeful, some players stepped up where it wasnt assumed they would, etc etc. Without RG3, this was another 5-11 team, I am afraid. We dont beat all of Dallas 2x, or New York (or New Orleans, Minn, Tampa, Balt) without him.

Future looks "better" for sure. But I would not assume a better season next year than the one we just had. The difference between 6-10 and 10-6 in the NFL is a few small things. They go "right", and you're 10-6. "wrong", and your 6-10. Skins had a lot go "right", even with all the defensive injuries.

Will see, a lot can happen.

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