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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
It's funny how people here are upset about Thomas' decision and are calling him out for not honoring his contract, yet a lot of the same people had no problem when the Swedish Mystery Man, Carl Soderberg (yes, I did really go there ), welched out on his contract. Instead, we got 54 threads of how he was honorable because he wanted to stay home and play for his home town team and how that was cool, yet a guy who actually delivered a Stanley Cup win is a POS. Incredible. Love HF, it's so logical and rational.
Again, I, along with the majority in this thread who have an issue with Thomas decision, am simply concerned with the cap implications.
Soderberg's decision to play in Sweden has no impact on our cap whatsoever.

Tim Thomas was a great goaltender, and I really don't care what sort of personal decisions the guy makes. Fact is, his decision is costing the Bruins 5 million in cap space this year. That's pretty much the only issue I have with it.

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