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01-08-2013, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Here's what I don't get... are Canucks fans that dense to think they're going to value Bozak higher than the Leafs do? Yeah, we all know Gillis wants Bozak, but the fact is, you're trading for him to be a #2/3 centre, he's Toronto's #1 centre.

Furthermore, what is the basis for suggesting that the Canucks can get 3-4 quality assets from the Leafs, when there's talk that a buyout might be the better call, and only one other team interested, who has a goalie with similar numbers and 1/4 of the salary?
I like that you conveniently only highlight remarks that favor Toronto ripping us off merciless from tweet sources that make Eklund look creditable. Luongo will not be bought out, it simply will not happen. Any 'analyst' attempting to float that nonsense is looking for hits.

As for Bozak, keep him. I would much prefer Kadri, who would do no damage to your present roster but god forbid Toronto actually has to pay a price that isn't insulting. If Luongo's value is truly that low, I bet dollar to dime we start entertaining Schneider offers. Gillis has been adamant in his claim any trade will improve our team. This philosophy will not change despite the contrary opinion here.

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