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01-08-2013, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
We NHL fans are the biggest suckers.

The players/owners decided to come back for their million$...
They should all play for free this season to really thank the fans, but they're so used to their millionaire they came back to make more money and it's from our pockets/wallets (that's why we're all suckers for buying such expensive jerseys and expensive tickets...robbery).

To really thank the fans...they should start by dramatically lowering the ludicrous ticket prices (and the playoff ticket prices are ten times worse)...they totally **** on fans and get away with it...we love the game/sport and they abuse us for that.

**** all the rich/spoiled players and owners.
The **** us in the *** everytime we open our wallets to them.
LOL So true. "We" are big suckers indeed. The fanatics will follow this 48-games season with their usual passion.

As far as I'm concerned, I think the teams should sell tickets at half price for this meaningless half-season. Whether it makes more sense that the normal NHL season itself be shorter is beside the point. A regular NHL season is 82 games, not 60, nor 48. It's like 100m sprinters running only 50m in the earlier rounds to reach the 100m finals. Doesn't make sense to me. Which ever team wins the Cup after this half-season won nothing in my book. The Leafs didn't make the playoffs even if they do after this half-season. Carey Price didn't win the Vezina even if he does after this half-season.

Anyway, that's only me.

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