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01-08-2013, 09:25 AM
Joe Cole
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Regarding PK, you have three camps.

1- journalists who say he is a cancer, and wants out (Tremblay this AM)

2- players with snarky comments like Gionta's.

3- PK himself, who has said that he wants to be here repeatedly

Journalists...they are paid to stir up emotions in their readership. They bring nothing to the party, no inside information, no real analysis, just rumor mongering, like fat old wives who talk behind the good looking new female neighbor's back.

Players who make tongue in cheek comments about PK. I hope this is brotherly love, just poking fun. If not, shut the f-up. PK plays 25 minutes a game and is the standout on D, if not the team in his second year. What are you bringing to the party? Holy insecurities, Batman.

PK himself, either he is being honest and is just a "always on" kind of guy, or he is a huge hypocrite and and a-hole. Until he is PROVEN to be a huge liar/salesman, I think it is cynical and small to think of him being anything but honest and high strung.

Fans can choose whoever camp they want to be part of.

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