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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Good breakdown...
For whatever reason I feel like responding to your breakdown with my own... not to overshadow yours, just want to give my unnecessary opinion.

*Please remember that this is my first season watching any of the Wings prospects in any fashion, so feel free to add anything or explain why I might be wrong about someone.*

Mrazek - Kid a gamer, and is going to push whoever's in front of him HARD. Makes huge saves and has dynamite reactions, but could use some baking in the "positional" oven. I think the Wings would be out of their minds to trade him for anyone short of a star player.

Almqvist - I'm not seeing what you're seeing, apparently. There are some flashes of potential, but he is DEFINITELY too weak on and off the puck, and seems to buckle a bit under pressure. Once he gets in the offensive zone things get a little better, but he may be more suited to the wide-open European style.

Lashoff - Aside from Nyquist, Tatar, and Mrazek, by far my favorite Griffin. Looks to me like he could shore up an NHL even strength 2nd pairing and be a force on the PK a la Brad Stuart in the near future. Poised under pressure, great positionally, physical in the corners and in front of the net (watch him give guys the business in front of Mrazek/McCollum next game), heavy shot from the point (that seems to make it through), and a good passer. While he isn't the fastest guy out there and still makes some iffy turnovers, in my opinion the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Billins - Dude, what? Smallish, undrafted, puck-moving defenseman who plays both ends of the ice really well... who does that remind you of? Despite his size, he actually plays a pretty decent physical game, and his offensive talent is unquestionable. Could easily replace Ian White if/when needed, and barring some major setbacks, I think the Wings should call this guy up sooner rather than later.

Fournier - Seemed to get caught out of position a couple of times, but like you said, didn't do a whole lot either way -- in his defense, however, he hasn't played much so far this year, so it's hard to pass judgement. With Smith headed up and Lashoff likely to be the next call-up, it'll be interesting to see how Nicastro and Fournier use the opportunities.

Nyquist - NHL ready for sure. Seems like a good mix between the skillsets of Datsyuk and Zetterberg, with good puck control/pursuit skills, great skating, some slick passing, and the ability to take it to the net when needed. Can't wait to see how his game translates to the NHL on a full-time basis.

Tatar - NHL ready as well. If Hudler was "Happy," Tatar has to be "Angry," and as much of a Hudler fan as I was/am, Tatar is Hudler with a mean(er) streak and much better skating. Skills out the yang, gritty, and speedy. Love watching him play, and is my new favorite small, European forward.

Sheahan - I like Riley, but I think his ceiling is limited as far as the NHL goes -- more of a 3rd or 4th line center. He's got skill, tenacity, quickness, and can play the body; however, he still seems a little timid out there, and needs a little more seasoning before he's ready for the next step. A year or two in Grand Rapids should be good for him.

Ferraro - I went into this season not expecting to see much out of him, but wow, has he been exciting to watch. Definitely has the chops to be a grinder in the NHL; wouldn't a line of Ferraro, Helm, and Glendening (assuming he keeps progressing) be a dynamite energy line? Better yet, a PK duo of Helm and Ferraro? Cripes man.

Callahan - I really can't see why people are so high on him, frankly. Sure he's willing to fight, but he really seems like just your average, 4th line mucker out there. There have been a few occasions where he's made a good power move toward the net or a sharp pass, but otherwise I just don't see anything special.

Aubry - Agree with your assessment here. Looks very uncomfortable on the ice, but there seems to be something there lurking under the surface. Hopefully another season or two will bring his game out and turn him into a decent power forward.

Parkes - He's working hard to stay in the lineup, and hopefully it pays off. Looks like he has some skill and quickness to go along with the size, and I'm eager to see what he can do moving forward.

Jurco - I agree with the disappointment sentiment. He definitely has the skill, speed, and size to make it to the NHL, it just looks like something's missing when he's on the ice. I'd like to chalk it up to adjusting to the pro game... though, barring a massive turnaround, I can definitely see him returning to Europe in the near future.

Glendening - Another good grinder, and could be a future Wing in the mold of Maltby and work well with Ferraro and Helm on an energy line. Definitely a hard worker, and that gets you farther that pure skill a lot of the time. Interested to see what he does in the next couple of seasons.

Someone said it earlier, and I agree that Pare gets a bum rap. He's logged his time with the Griffins and is among the all-time leaders in several categories, but has never gotten a shot with the Wings. Why is that? He's a speedy, skilled, goal scorer and would probably put up decent numbers on a scoring line.

Andersson is a bit of an enigma to me; I can't tell if he'll do just as well without Nyquist and/or Tatar as he does with them. He certainly has the tools to do good things...

Originally Posted by FabricDetails View Post
I have a feeling that he shouldn't get too comfortable as he tries out for the Wings team. With all the forwards they have in Detroit I wouldn't be surprised to see him sent back down to GR, unfortunately. Hope I'm wrong. Sigh...
It may just be better for him and the Griffins to leave him down there for the rest of the year. I wouldn't take it as a knock against him in any way, and more-so giving him ample playing time (and probably playoff experience) due to the excess of forwards the Wings have currently. Next season will be much better with some contracts expiring and amnesty buyouts kicking in.

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