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01-08-2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
1- I thought Journalists were supposed to report facts. Nobody cares about their opinion, and they should remain neutral. But RJ is a columnist, so he can dish out his opinion, I just don't understand how it's still the same old clique of farts. Where are the younger guys with fresher views and opinions?? Who even listens to these old farts anymore?

2- Gionta's comment seemed odd to me. Not sure what he was trying to say there. It caught me by surprise because he's the Captain.

3- PK has been a fan of Mtl since being a kid because of his pops. It's been a dream come true for him and his family. So I have a hard time believing he's just shooting up smoke here. I'm sure he really wants to stay here.
I like your post.

The line between journalist and columnist has been blurred beyond the clear distinction you made. Every guy who has ever played a game in pee-wee thinks that his opinion/spin on "facts" is worth sharing. Either it is blatant, or it is nuanced through facial gestures. I mean, even Chantal Maccabée gives her 2 cents on the Habs.... right?

Regarding the captaincy...I think the role is romanitized nowadays. I sadly think the days of the "rassembler" are behind us. But I agree with you, why wasn't it Gionta's responsibility to reach out? That would have been a great follow up question in the media scrum.

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