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01-08-2013, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by ManoWarrior View Post
In order for this to happen, somebody has to see him a top 3 goalie for the next 10 years and make an offer according to that. Top six gamebreaker must be coming back. Let's say Winnipeg offers Evander Kane. Can't think of any other semi-realistic ones off the top of my head. No quality for quantity.
No offense - but you are absolutely insane if you expect to get a player like Evander Kane back for Roberto Luongo. Goaltenders have NEVER had that kind of value, especially when the Canucks are movitivated to deal not wanting to deal. I agree they need a contributor back for RL if he's moved, but expecting the equivelant of a 21 YO 30 goal scoring power forward is just ludicrious IMO.

Originally Posted by Sharks4Life View Post
I agree with everything here except for one detail. I do think that vancouver will consider moving RL or Schneider if it means that what little return they may get (only a hypothetical) would be better than say making it to next year and having to buy out contracts with no return just to either retain RL and/or Schneider. Its better to get value for one of them then to pay to watch them leave.
My thought though is that the Canucks are a serious contender, and they are in the "prime" of their window to win a Cup. Their team definitely has some needs, and IMO, RL/CS is the best asset they've got to fill those needs. If they had a loaded prospect pipeline and they've got a other assets to trade to fill those holes (or potential UFA's to sign with the additional cap space), I'd be more willing to agree with your conclussion that getting a "below market" return for RL at this point could potentially improve the Canucks chance to win the Cup.

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