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01-08-2013, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan81 View Post
I was just listening to the guys on TVA sports and they were talking about P.K. Subban still not sign. Apparently he was asking for something like Dougthy money (wich is to much from the team standing point, and mine as well) and the team wants to give him a contract around 3,5 4 m.

Maybe ottawa could offer sheet at 5, 5.5 or try to trade for him. In both ways it will force Mtl hands wich would be great . What do you guys thinks about this a top for of Cowen Karlsson Methot Subban would be solid.
If he wants Doughty money, why would he accept 5mil or 5.5mil? Also not a chance. That 1st could be a lottery pick and we dont have a 2nd that would be required.

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