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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
I wouldn't confuse "fair value" and "market value/perceived value". There's a difference.

You're right _if_ there's only one team. But past speculation and now the flexibility provided in the new CBA, ensure that won't be the case. But let's see...

All comes down to if they feel he can be re-signed long-term. Especially when he will not negotiate during the season. Can they take the chance of letting him walk when they could get a premier player back? Theodore is also walking at the end of the year (most likely). It seems like an opportunity to get a signed, high end athlete for soon to be departing assets. That's if they don't want to risk Weiss walking, of course...
Fair value is what Luongo will be traded for. There may be cap flexibility in the new CBA, but do you really believe that Vancouver wants to keep dead salary cap space on their roster? Priority #1 for Vancouver will be finding a destination that allows them to not have dead salary cap space on their roster for the next 10 years.

If Weiss can't be signed long term, they'd be best served to trade him for a assets that can grow with their young team. Theodore loves playing in Florida, so him walking is far from a forgone conclusion.

Originally Posted by Sonny21 View Post
Unlikely yes, but you can't argue with acquiring a goalie of Luongo's caliber either for them as well.

I guess it all depends on what they personally view Markstrom progress and how long until his ready.

I would like to hear from someone who has watched Markstrom this year to see how his doing, I know the stats but that doesn't really explain that much.

Part of me feels that Gillis is doing his part to create buzz and tallan wouldn't mind either if that means Burke pays more. Burke just isn't wired that way though.
You absolutely can. Florida's a young, budget team. Jose Theodore had quite similar numbers to Luongo last year, loves playing there, and has 1/4 of the salary. Luongo may want to go there, but there really isn't a good reason to trade for him. If they're going to spend another $4m, they'd be best doing it on a positional player.

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