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01-08-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
I agree with you that Van should retain Luongo. My one question is this, in a 48 game sprint, you need to identify your number one goalie and ride him like a mule.....who is it between Lu/Schneider?
I wager we will ride Luongo as our number one and alternate Schneider similar to how we did last season. Lu is liable to quite motivated to prove his reputation and might perform even above expectations. Tis one of the reasons I want to keep him for this spirit to the finish.

Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
There's no ripoffs to be had... only fair market value. If there's only one team interested in taking on Luongo, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that team isn't going to start parting with core players.

Kadri should probably be available, as he's an expendable piece for the Leafs.
Proposals in this thread emulate a rip off not unlike Calgary, Anaheim and Nashville endured, albeit by their own choosing. Anaheim just did not realize what they had but either way, a good number of offers throw around here reflect Toronto fan's perception of "fair market value." What aggravates most Vancouver fans is our demands are deemed outlandish yet Toronto's are "fair." You have frequently attempted to push Lombardi as a viable trade bait we should find appealing. This is where "fair" becomes skewed as even the most biased of Leaf faithful know Lombardi is a cap dump, or should.

QFT. Schneider's got a $4m contract, and about the experience level of James Reimer. Don't get me wrong there's a ton of potential there, but he's not a guy who you can trade for and say with confidence...that he's going to play 65 games and your goaltending isn't going to be a concern.
Yes, allow us to blatantly ignore the notable gap in statistics between Schneider and Reimer. Even a large portion of Leaf nation acknowledges Schneider is by far the superior goaltender, never mind just about every analyst. You would be alone in believing the two are even remotely comparable beyond games played.

Originally Posted by crazyhawk View Post
I'm not clear as to why Vancouver fans believe Schneider is worth a mega package.
He looks to be the real deal, but until he actually plays at least one full season as a number one than why consider him to be in the league of say a Lundqvist or Brodeur in his prime?
Schneider has proven stellar at every level since the onset of his career. He currently is playing at a comparable level to an elite goaltender and posted league records as a backup with absolutely insane stats. A few games watching him play and you can see quite early he has franchise tender practically engraved.

That said, I acknowledge he lacks longevity at the NHL level but I do not believe Gardiner+Kadri/1st (2014) is an outrageous demand. Steep perhaps but nothing more.

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