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01-08-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by cphabs View Post
Pk is doing what is best for PK, not the HABS, or he would already be signed. Plain and simple. Super cool his daddy is a Habs fan but what does that have to do with the fact he's not signed? Agrue away, but the fact is he wanted to see what the new CBA would get him. I would do the same but please realize PK understands he is an asset so should the owners. Push came to shove? I'd pich him heavily to NYR.
In a fantasy world, all of these guys would play the amount of games, and the level of physicality we expect from the NHL for the love of it, and not for money. The same fantasy world would have the owners pay for the fans to come and see the teams play.

If you do not see Subban as the type of player that you build around, and just send him off to another team, then I believe you are not building towards something, just against something.

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