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Originally Posted by Hanta Yo View Post
Care to elaborate?
It's just not scientific. There is not a singular stitch of evidence to suggest that the chemical imbalance theory is valid. In fact, it is widely and heavily criticized in the scientific community.

Jonathan Rottenberg is a top researcher of emotion and psychopathology out of the university of South Florida said "As a scientific venture, the theory that low serotonin causes depression appears to be on the verge of collapse. This is as it should be; the nature of science is ultimately to be self-correcting. Ideas must yield before evidence."

There are tens of thousands of other sources. The point is, the pharmaceutical companies are big business. They are the largest lobby in America, even surpassing the oil companies. They will do as any other organization would do, preserve their interests to increase their profits.

The "chemical imbalance" theory is only believed to be a scientific fact by ignorant people. You will not find a singular psychiatrist on the planet that will admit that there is a singular stitch of evidence supporting the theory.

The issue I have is giving people medication which alters their brain chemistry based on an unproven, unsubstantiated hypothesis. It's bad science, and potentially dangerous.

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