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01-08-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
To be clear, that post was going on the assumption that Visnovsky and Thomas' situation were different because Visnovksy "didn't want to play for the Isles". If we're guessing about Visnovsky based on logical deduction then we may as well do the same with Thomas, no?

Based on their own words, the situations aren't all that different at all. Visnovsky's choice is due to family just as Thomas' was. You can guess at a myriad of other things, but if we take the mans words at face value then his and Thomas's reasoning for ditching on their current contracts are exactly the same. Sure Visnovsky is continuing to play while not honoring his contract with the NHL, but how does that make his and Thomas' reasoning any different?

Some people want to differentiate between the two because Visnovski's reasoning sounds less appealing then Thomas' (likely because we're more able to objectively look at the Visnovsky scenario due to the lack of the same emotional attachment to the player)... but if you support Thomas then it would be hypocritical to paint any player in the wrong who ditches on a contract to be with family. If you don't, then this isn't geared toward you.
I understand your reasoning, but disagree with your wording.

If Visnovsky has chosen not to play for the Islanders because he's getting paid more to play elsewhere, then it seems the two situations are different from each other, as one could be considered greedy, while the other could not.

Either way, I don't care about the Visnovsky deal. And I realize that my emotional investment into the Thomas situation and any negative feelings I have as a result, are due to MY selfishness - not Tim Thomas'.

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