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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
The thing is I've learned to realize over the years about "journalists" or columnists or what have you (Bertrand Raymond, Tremblay, Tony Marinaro etc) is they feed an audience in Quebec that (unfortunately) predominantly likes hockey for the soap opera factor. They feed on controversy, and love that reality TV stuff etc. Call it the lance et compte syndrome if you will. You just have to ignore it and get your actual hockey info elsewhere.

And to touch on what was said above, the good ones aren't the ones who stand out.
To be fair, it's not just in Qc. Maybe it is when speaking of hockey players, but that's because hockey is huge here. Just look at the paparazzis hovering over celebrities in the States. Hockey players are our stars in Mtl. So, despite not agreeing with it, or not sharing the interest, I can understand that some people get excited when they see a hockey player in the streets, or wtv.
What I don't understand is when so called experts discuss hockey related subjects (like players) and are completely, but completely way off. That's not stirring controversy, that's just being flat out wrong.
Imagine a TV station about real estate, and the experts on certain shows gave out bad ideas and opinions. What do you think would happen to them and their shows??
For some reason, it's accepted for the hockey related shows. I just don't get it.

I would love nothing more to listen to shows where people are actually bringing up interesting facts, and discussing various opinions intelligently. Heck, I'm sure we could round up a group of 10 posters from here and create a much more informative and interesting show than the garbage out there. Sadly, that'll never happen.

Originally Posted by cphabs View Post
Pk is doing what is best for PK, not the HABS, or he would already be signed. Plain and simple. Super cool his daddy is a Habs fan but what does that have to do with the fact he's not signed? Agrue away, but the fact is he wanted to see what the new CBA would get him. I would do the same but please realize PK understands he is an asset so should the owners. Push came to shove? I'd pich him heavily to NYR.
Well in that case, why don't all the players just sign to the lowest possible salary they can get and make sure we only get to the cap flooring??
That's ridiculous, PK is not only our best player and most promising star, but he's also a cash cow for the Habs. He's so easily marketable and must bring the Habs a ton of cash outside his performance. If he wants 5M, he's entitled to it.
I mean really, what is the discussion about here, if PK is worth 4 or 5M? Give him what he wants.
This guy is saying how much he loves it here, wants to play here, was drafted here, was a fan of the habs his whole life, he's already a huge star, possibly a superstar, and hopefully even play his whole career here, and we're arguing about 1-2M??? That's pathetic.

Trading PK is not an option. The Habs will always lose this trade unless the return is a massive over payment, and I don't see that happening. Even if in terms of skill the players are similar in the event of a trade, I'm willing to bet anything that the return will not have the charisma or marketability of PK, so Habs will end up losing cash over it.

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