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06-13-2006, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by EazyB97
The rule might be in for fighting, or even general contact. If I hit someone with no facial protection and I'm wearing a cage, the wires will likely drive into him. A slight slippage and all of a sudden he's cut open. I still think the "mandatory half visor" rule debate is stupid. If you want to protect the players, cages/full visors are the way to go.
this happened to me in our men's league; the other team got the puck in our offensive zone & one of the guys skated it out behind the net to set up their drive. I was behind him so I skated up behind pretty fast to steal the puck & hopefully land a wrap-around. Meanwhile a guy from their team was meeting his teammate to take the puck from him behind the net and start the drive in the other direction. Needless to say we did not see each other & when I was just coming out from behind the first guy - dude #2 & I smoked each other.

My cage cut a pattern into the side of his nose & one cheek. Size-wise he was the last guy on the ice I would have wanted to pissoff; however, he knew it was totally accidental and thankfully was very cool about it.

if neither of us had cages we would have both had bruises and blood; if we both had them, we p'bly would have both just seen stars for a bit.

I've got to go to work each day as a financial consultant. So, while my stickhandling needs all the help it can get, I have to accept the poorer vision for my hobby so I can be more presentable/professional at my job.

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