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01-08-2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by mitchy22 View Post
I'd rather just give Donovan a shot and hold on to one of our forward prospects with size who can actually skate and is producing in his first AHL season (which tends to be a good sign.)

I'm sick of having a small team. We play in very tough division that is made tougher by the current makeup of the Islanders. We play against more than a few teams with larger size down the middle and very strong 1-2 punches in the East.

The more larger, decent skating players we have that can slot behind Tavares, the better off we'll be. For the guys that can't hack center, they'll end up on the wings. If we end up with Nielsen penciled in as our 3rd line center, we'll need even more size on the wings. Because of our needs, I don't see us being too quick to trade larger forward prospects until we end up with a glut. We don't end up with a glut until some are performing in the NHL blocking others from arriving. Right now, we don't have any doing so. We've got a couple of players performing well at Bridgeport. Let's wait until things trickle up and we can tell what we truly have. Either that, or trade for more of a sure thing. Another prospect is not the way to go, even if a prospect is closer to ready. We may as well go with our own, hence why I mention Donovan.

I think we all had a prospect penciled in for this season at defense because of the lack of one more addition. With de Haan injured yet again, that leaves us with something like this (and potentially two prospects making the NHL club):


At most, I see us adding a sizable bottom pairing guy if Visnovsky doesn't report, unless the team continues to deplete Bridgeport instead of adding up top. Still, adding a bottom pairing guy will be a lot easier than all of a sudden finding a top-4 defender or trying to find a better prospect (which isn't really the fix we should be going out of our way looking for.) No reason to swap prospects like this; it's not like we don't have any prospects at defense and a few that should pan out with size and skill.

If Garth is doing his job, and allowed to spend any money on this season at all, he'll keep his ears open and put out some feelers out on available legitimate defenders for NYI's sake. Considering how this team has operated recently, we may end up simply seeing us gut Bridgeport and add from the ECHL to the AHL instead. I don't think we're going to see a sudden addition of an impact player for the current squad. We're more likely to see payroll increase for next season, not the upcoming one. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.

In the meantime, I don't see us rushing to do anything other than add depth or a high cap/moderate salary defender to the NHL squad. We'll probably add some depth to the AHL squad if we pick them apart instead.

God I hope not. Many in islander country are high on Donovan but he is not ready for the NHL. At best, he's a mid tier prospect with 2nd PP potential and bottom pairing in a few years.

Really hope Garth lets him develop into at least that. I'm fine with Ness and a burner in the staois/mottua mold. The isles are at straight aiming for 14/15th place.

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