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01-08-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
Once again, a Habs fans fails to miss the point. For some reason you are all just assuming that players simply can't get better. Like its some kind of unheard of occurance. You do understand that he was 18/19 years old last year, correct? Where was plekanec when he was that young? Oh that's right, he didnt play more than 2 games in the nhl until he was 23. Wow. Could it be that he GASP! Wasn't as good as couturier is now when he was his age? Yes, that's exactly it.

To say that we'd be lucky if couturier ever becomes Tomas plekanec tells me that your judgement is based off some sort of fantasy world.
I haven't "missed" anything. Let me try again:

I have no problem with people who want to say that Couturier is far better than Plekanec at age 18/19. Why would I? However, that does not mean Couturier is better than Plekanec right now (as some have suggested), nor does it mean he WILL be better than Plekanec when he does hit the age Plekanec currently is at. It definitely doesn't mean Couturier would be a "bust" if he produced at the same pace as Plekanec currently does when Couturier gets to his age.

If you think Couturier becoming a top ranked shutdown center who consistently puts up 20+ goals and averages 50-70 points per season while playing the top lines of the opposition every single game means he is a bust, you need to learn what kind of value such players have in the NHL. Unless you somehow think Couturier will be able to be a Selke caliber forward while putting up 70+ points per season while battling the leagues best forwards game in and game out. Can you name a couple of guys like that for me please?

You also need to examine team needs and values better. For a team looking to win now and in the next couple of years, a guy like Plekanec is more valuable for his veteran leadership and the proven ability to be a top ranked defensive shut down center who produces 50-70 points. For a team looking to rebuild and get better over the next few years with a young core, Couturier is more valuable because of his potential to get as good as or better than Plekanec. For a team like the Flyers, who have a young core and a good group of veterans, Couturier is more valuable than Plekanec because the Flyers ARE very competitive as is and Plekanec is not the piece they need to make a serious Cup run. Different teams have different values and different needs.

Now, adding Subban, the exact type of defenceman the Flyers would love to take and groom and watch develop, along with Plekanec to take over Couturier's role for at least 3-4 more years while only losing Voracek in the same deal would be incredible for the Flyers. Subban and Plekanec are worth more than Voracek and Couturier to a team like the Flyers that have a good core and want to win the Cup now and stay competitive for years to come. The gain of Subban and Plekanec significantly mitigates the loss of Couturier's potential. I hope that is easy to understand.

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