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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Wondering as a gesture, about having contests to let select fans present Stanley Cup and Conference trophies in leiu of Bettman and co? Maybe the fans who win get a day with the cup before hand or whatever. Not just this year either, every year-let the fans get more involved in the presentations of these things.

I agree though, the fans need to let the NHL know this time they are not pleased.
I think the commishioner always presents the trophy in every sport. Yes I know Bettman gets booed when he does it, but I dont think he'd abdicate this responsibility to a fan.

Fans spending a day with the cup (by themselves) is also a bad idea IMHO. It cheapens it, if people want to see " the" cup they can go to the HHOF. They want to have a day with it, devote your life to the game and get in line. When the players get the day, they get to decide where it goes, throwing in a contest winner just throws a wrench into it.

I kind of like the "fan in the dressing room" contest that the NFL is running the add for ( with the 49ers and Harbaugh) but I think that instead of focusing one one ( or a few) lucky fans it would be better to spread it out over all the fans even if what each fan gets ends up being less.

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