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01-08-2013, 12:19 PM
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i fully admit being a bit of a homer on this. that and maybe being a tad unrealistic on expectations. however I just remember this.

where blysma is raving about him, and not sure how you go from not making an errant pass (quote). To being a defensive liablity for the baby pens.

I know be patient, just saying it's not totally unreasonable expectation wise after that debut to see him not crap the bed in wbs. Which by all accounts seems to be the case thus far.

long winded explanation, yea you guys are right I should be more patient. but it's not totally out of left field to hope for more then what we are seeing right now. I'm not expecting an all star showing, just not being a defensemen who is a defensive liability half way through the season. Especially from a guy who has a high hockey IQ.
I *still* think he will be a top 4 guy, it's just that it will take longer then what my own expectations where (I was expecting him to have a legit shot to crack the lineup next year, and certainly crack it the following year.

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