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01-08-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post

Did you not watch the game vs Cleveland? I disagree with you on this one. It reminded me of the Shanahan offense with Jake Plummer only with a better QB.

Kyle did a good job this year. Could he have done some things differently vs the Seahawks? Sure but he had an off game and a severly limited QB.
I may be too nit picky and pissed from the way the season ended.

I loved the Cleveland game, but that was the non RG3 offense. Lots of bootlegs where Cousins dominated. Yes, he did much better in the boot and a guy in his face than RG3, who I thought oddly, Kyle rarely even ran the boot for.

We are at our core the Denver zone blocking run team. Add RG3, we are a hybrid mixing in lots of Baylor. As our QB changes, our identity changes. All the while, OC guru Kyle is pushing all the buttons, and I think is itching to pass more than dad's original design calls for.

When Cousins went in, we needed to go immediately to the bootleg offense.

We had him standing in the pocket like Mark Rypien. It failed miserably. I did not recognize that offense. That is the non RG3 forced to pass offense... that doesn't exist.

I thought Kyle's game plan could have been better. 1st quarter, he called a great game, but fell apart from there. A mere 14 passing yards after that, before Cousins got in for mop up (3 for 10 30 yds). The big thing, only 8 carries for Morris after getting up 14. I do not pin the entire loss on RG3's knee, he could hand off just fine. Maybe Morris was injured, but I doubt it.

Our defense held up well and shares no blame in the loss. Doughty was a beast.

Agreed Kyle overall did well this year, but dont you think a lot of that was adopting Baylor's offense, and forgetting all that Kubiak taught him?

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