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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
The Kings and Bruins both have/had superior goaltending then what the Flyers have.

We have beaten this system topic into the ground enough. Lavi is a good coach. I fail to see why some people around here fail to realize that. I think everyone pretty much agreed that whoever came out of the Flyers/Pens series wasnt making it past the next round. I know you dont want to hear it, but injuries cut down this team last year. I know some think injuries are no excuse but when you have 11 guys go under the knife it says something.
Again I ask if you fire Lavi who do you bring in?
John Stevens?
were you even watching the goaltending in the kings/devils series, quick wasnt that great, the devils almost came back in that series, he had some good saves but he wasnt great, he only had 16 shots against him, when they won it, it was the defense and offense that was the difference maker, plus they were built to win it, the flyers are not built to win it right now, you can blame the goaltending all you want, but how many goalies do they have to go through, to find that it's the whole team and the coaching? you can have best goalies on this team and still have a problem if there's no D

im sorry this is not a win it now team, they are not built to win it, im flyers fan being realistic and not being negative, the reality of this team is that they are going to be in rebuilding mode after this season, they have lost alot on defense plus offense, it's not looking like this team will go anywhere for a while like it or not.

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