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01-08-2013, 12:43 PM
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I hate both Alabama and ND --but remember ND barely beat Stanford in OT in ND and that was before Stanford changed to Hogan at QB (they played much better under Hogan down the stretch after that)..

BAMA did have sone patsies on the sked AND the SEC is over-rated-witness FLA and LSU losing bowl games -and so who cam really say who the best team at the end was: Alabama? Oregon? Texas A&M ? Stanford with Hogan?-FOR SURE any of OREGON ,Texas A&M or Stanford woulfhave given BANMA a better "contest" than NOTRE SHAME or is it NOTRE SHAM did....but iyt has nothing to do with SEC "greatness"--just that every year there are only a few worthy cream of the crop teams around at the end --in this case we can easily identify them but i don't think BAMA would have "clobbered" any of those other 3 teams like they did the ND overhyped pretenders..

BTW---some body check the tapes- not that it would have made much difference-STILL you could call the BAMA o-line for HOLDING on almost every play...I never knew that hands and arms around an oppnents arms is permitted ,nor hands closed on jerseys in the old grab n' clutch --how come nobody calls this "cheat" anymore-never have i seen a o-line do it as much as Bana did and get away with it -no wonder the running holes were so big --it seems the refs only call Bama for it if a Bama o-lineman has to tackle an opponent down ...BAMA is too good and talented to ALSO be allowed to cheat like that-NOT that it would have made any difference-ND was so over-matched to begin with...

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