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Are you looking spring or winter


Winnipeg Subway from 2004-1999 in 2013
Alberta Champions Cup same age group

The Brick 2013 - for 2003 was good a few years agao. its turned into a Parents with the most money tournament.

New York Big Apple
NAPS Tournament
Challendge Cup -Vancouver,BC

Chicago Baurer has few.


Super series are great 4 or 5 teams from all over play in a mini round robin.
Nations Cup -2003-1998 lots from the Detroit area.

Quebec Tournament 2013 00-01 year. has one age group best in the world teams from all over the world play in 3 different levels. Mexico has a team, Detroit sends all of there big teams.

Chicago Baurer -October a few different age groups.
Bell Cup in Ottawa -Dec I think last year was 2002-2003 age group.

Medicine Hat - November for Bantams
St Albert- January Bantams

for a fun AA tournament is Whistler in BC in late June and July. 2004-1996 age groups
family vacation plus 2 games a day.

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