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01-08-2013, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
since when was what the Flyers did MY decision ? why on earth would you say that I am desperate ?

1st, you were unaware of how Bob publicly was campaigning to be the #1, and now you think that the Flyers acted out of "my" desperation ??

what are you talking about ?

i want 2 stud #1's fighting it out, pressing each other to be excellent. that's what I want.

the Flyers obviously do not want the circus from last year, part of which was the apparent battle as to who the #1 is.

i'm sure ML is competitive & wants to be, will try to be the #1. i also would guess that at NO point this year, will he state so publicly. nor will [almost certainly] the fans be calling for him to be the #1, claiming [rightly so, in Bob's case] "let's see what the kid can do !"

if you cannot see the potential benefit to Bryz, by removing any possible "public battle / controversy" as to who should be the #1 between our two goalies [avoiding a repeat from last year], then i think you just don't understand & never will.

They did give him away for nothin and he did have a ton of potential. I agree they want this investment of ours to work. Ed Snider doesn't take playin the fool lightly. They want Bryz to succeed, not Suck cede.

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