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01-08-2013, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
If Phoenix is worse off under the new CBA than it was under the previous CBA, Bettman should be summarily fired. I find it difficult to believe that is the case.

I guess we'll have to wait until the final wording is revealed.
Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Ya, I agree, though Im also of the mind that he shouldve fallen on his sword over the loss of Atlanta (if not earlier) but thats another story altogether. If the increase in RS by $200M is nothing more than smoke & mirrors, plz, GTFO already. As the Devil is in the Details, until the actual documents are released, one would naturally assume the increase would benefit Phoenix. However, in the world of the NHL & their Chocolate Factory, what goes in through receiving does not necessarily mean that what comes out of shipping is in the least bit wholesome, helpful or even true. Lovely box marked Godiva, you open it to find re-gifted & stale loosely packed Goldfish Crackers...
The way I understand, the new CBA brings two changes as far as revenue sharing.
1) More money (Up to $200M and not $100M + $200M).
2) Rules to get access to RS (make them less strict)

So, based on that, if lets say in 2011-2012 5 teams were sharing a $150M pie (i think it was bigger than that) it makes a $30M pie parts per team.

But with CBA changes even if the pie is $200M, if 5 more teams get to share that pie, you now get $20M pie parts.

In the end, a team that was not able to get into RS last season but was close to it, WILL definitly benefit from this change, but a team that did benefit from RS in 2011-12, might see their part grow as low as a $1M or even go lower than expected.

Sources I found while googling (not worth posting) say that RS for 2011-2012 was near $180-190M so...a $10M increase, if you add 1 extra team to the RS does not gives much more money.

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