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Originally Posted by bowline View Post
Do you have a bias against Boston area kids? Sure seems it as you crapped all over Vesey
this year and you 're already trying to bury Grzelcyk.

First, Grzelyck was kept ahead of Skjei who has been sat a game or two with Minnesota.
So there is nothing to indicate Skjei moves ahead of Grzelyck. That's just your biased opinion.

Secondly, its very unlikely guys like Ebert move ahead of him or dmen a year younger move ahead of him.
yep, you caught me and my anti Massachusetts campaign!

not sure where at all I stated in what you quoted about Grzelcyk being buried. he had a lot of competition this year and did not make the team. if Trouba and Jones are back, he will have just as much competition if not more than this year imo...and the same results could be likely.

next year he will have to fight with 2 kids Anthony DeAngelo and Connor Carrick for that spot on the defense, along with plenty of others, and sorry but both kids are better at that role than he is...has nothing to do with where he is from. Grzelcyk is smaller then DeAngelo for God's sake with less offensive skill...not a good combo. DeAngelo has some issues to fix himself so it isnt a sure thing of him being here, but Grzelcyk needs to step up bigtime as nothing will be easy. and eventhough Grzelcyk is a year older, DeAngelo will have almost 3 years of OHL experience by then...hardly a debate when it comes to experience.

Grzelcyk and Vesey are average players, every team needs guys like them but your acting like both of them are the next coming of Guerin and Ryan Whitney (first dman and forward from Mass that came to my head)...

Skjei is bigger, has more hype, and is a first round pick...sometimes that does weigh in on some of these decisions depending upon how much pressure a team's GM gives a guy like Johnasson..I think if Skjei plays the way he has been capable of next year, it really wont be close between him and Grzelcyk...but thats up to Skjei and not me.

As for Ebert, I just mentioned his name. he has a ton to work on and would be a long shot right now but he has size and skill that could benefit if both Trouba and Jones are gone.

these kids have a lot to work for next year, but its just my opinion that Grzelcyk is going to have a fight on his hands IF BOTH TROUBA AND JONES are still here...Carrick, DeAngelo, and Skjei are not going to be easy to pass over for Grzelcyk imo.

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