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01-08-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by roboninja View Post
Dude, I was serious at the "made my day" thing. Have not seen "Champ" used that way in a while, made me smile. Not saying "stop calling me that!".

But as for the rest of your points, I still don't get it. Just because you have some prospects, you would not trade for more if the value was there?
I intentionally used Champ due your earlier usage of curmudgeonly grandpas. Talk about your stale verbiage.

Yes, you clearly don't get it. Unless you've a similar 30 goal-scoring 20 y/o to offer in return for a player the Jets aren't shopping, the value isn't there. The Jets have a young 30 goal scorer under their control for 6 seasons. They aren't looking to swap that for potential but rather would need to replace it, now. Hope that helps. They aren't rebuilding but rather are building around him and a young core of others.

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