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01-08-2013, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Allaboard View Post
...It is the goal of every NHL team to win the Stanley Cup, not to merely "make" the playoffs. In order to do this you MUST integrate young talent into your lineup at a reasonable pace. To load your team with serviceable veterans in order to squeak into the playoffs will hurt in the long run. Guy Boucher said yesterday " there is always room in the lineup for better players", and this needs to be done this season...
Two things that stick out to me:

1. What I get from your message here is 'either squeak into the playoffs with veterans or win the cup with youngins.' I believe this to be a false dilemma. These are not the only options, nor is there a guarantee it'll work out like that. There are plenty of teams that have won the cup, and plenty more that have tried, with a team of veteran players.

2. Why does it need to be done this season? The cap? Crombeen, Hall, Thompson, and Wyman all become UFAs this summer. Pouliot an RFA.

If the cap is as big a concern as some of us believe it will be (and I don't think it will) then it may force kids into the lineup anyway. Why not just let nature take it's course?

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