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01-08-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
You wanna know where Toronto's bargaining power comes from? There's more than justLuongo available out there. Do I have the names? no, but the point remains. Gillis has few teams to deal with here in reality. Toronto can deal with anyone, can Vancouver say the same? I want Luongo here but lets not kid ourselves, it's not Luongo or bust. Sure, Gillis can keep him and he might but how many GM's wanna commit that much cap space to two goalies? It's an envious position in terms of talent between the pipes but it's not an envious position in terms of the cap. Cap management dictates it would be foolish to spend that kind of money between two goalies.

You are right, the field is open for Burke. He can go get another goaltender. Let's see what he does.

For VAN, all they need is two teams. One as the actual destination, and one you can play interest off of. He has that here.

Luongo's tenure in VAN has an ending point. No question. He won't be kept indefinitely. That said, your point about cap management is moot. If there is another trade lined up that required cap, then there is an opportunity cost in retaining Luongo. But there has to be that other trade lined up first. If there isn't, the cap spent this year doesn't matter. They are under.

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