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01-08-2013, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Samzilla View Post
Really? So they'll just go get Lundqvist then, eh?
How in the world you came to this conclusion is beyond me.

Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
You are right, the field is open for Burke. He can go get another goaltender. Let's see what he does.

For VAN, all they need is two teams. One as the actual destination, and one you can play interest off of. He has that here.

Luongo's tenure in VAN has an ending point. No question. He won't be kept indefinitely. That said, your point about cap management is moot. If there is another trade lined up that required cap, then there is an opportunity cost in retaining Luongo. But there has to be that other trade lined up first. If there isn't, the cap spent this year doesn't matter. They are under.
Oh no, I'm not suggesting Luongo may put you over, that's not what I implied. I'm saying it just a tough pill to swallow down the road, which I didn't say in my previous post and should have mentioned. It's not really about this season specifically but down the road, this has to come an stop at a personal and financial level. If this were any other position, there wouldn't even be a discussion(in terms of the cap). I just don't think it makes sense, all things given, to keep him around in the fishbowl that is Vancouver. Not that Toronto is any better in that sense but he won't have anyone breathing down his neck in terms of goalie prospects. At least for the moment.

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