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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Have a question or questions guys:

The CBA is for 10 years but with an option to out at 8 years. Could there be a lockout or strike potential at the 8-year mark or thereafter if one side wishes to have the CBA changed at that time but the other would be against the potential changes?
The PA will not strike... simply because the NHL will not give them that option. Should the PA decide to terminate the CBA at the 8 year mark, the NHL will lock the players out if no new CBA is reached before the current one expires. And that's not on the NHL, it's simply them looking to mitigate their risk, and eliminating leverage the players hold.

And honestly I don't see what the PA would be looking to change next time around. Much like this last time, they'll moan and *****, then as revenues rise (and thus the average player salary) they'll realize that it's not quite as bad as they thought, and will almost certainly be content to just extend the CBA as is. It'll be the NHL again looking to close whatever loopholes get exposed and reduce costs - how much so, and how much they feel they 'need' to reduce those costs/loopholes will stipulate how willing they'll be to miss games.

This in my opinion is the only downside to longer CBAs. The longer the deal, the greater the damage is, and the greater the perceived correction needs to be. If they could actually negotiate without labor stoppages I'd be all for them having 3-4 yr deals. However I think the players are too entitled, and the owners are too stubborn to change, and we'll never see anything of the sort. Due to the damage during both lockouts, the NHL needs longer deals for labor peace for the fans, media and sponsors... which in turn only makes each CBA more difficult to negotiate as both sides are looking for greater changes/corrections.

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