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Originally Posted by HamhuisHip View Post
More likely before this season starts. Why? An extra season of Luo in VAN means a higher cap hit when he retires early. Based on current media reports VAN would see an additional $3+M hit added to the cap over the last three 3yrs of his contract (assuming he retires when expected).
Possible... But I consider that additional cap payment as peanuts, in the grand scheme of things... I don't think Gillis bites on what Tallon is prepared to offer right now, for that bag of peanuts... At that time, what would the cap be projected to be? 80 million? Something like that? Mid-70's? Worth the risk, IMO... At the least, not enough of a negative to not wait a while longer if the "right deal" isn't there right now... To the right team, at the right time, Luongo is worth an awful lot, IMHO... Far greater potential impact than the cap hit penalty if Lu retires early... It's worth waiting a while longer to see if the right team, at the right time, is there... It could be a defining moment, in that the return can have a real impact...

At the deadline? I see that as more likely than now (even though now is also possible)... Here, Tallon can see where his team is at, Theodore is a few inches closer to retirement, draft position can be roughly measured (but better than now), as well as impact for Luongo to maybe make the difference between being in the playoffs or out, or if a playoff team, an extra push to try and go farther, etc... Also, Gillis might be prepared to accept a little less, if the return contains components to help for a playoff run...

Still, I think it'll be (or around) the draft... Florida should be more positioned to take on Luongo (and clearer picture of the benefit, given the team), and Burke should be showing up drunk late night at Gillis' door... Couple other teams too should be more interested... At this time around the draft, Vancouver and Florida could maybe do something too, like include Jovo in a trade, have Vancouver buy out the contract, then Jovo has the chance to re-sign with Florida at a better term contract (if this is possible)... Would be a win for Jovo, too... Still, can think about doing things like this for mutual benefit, when trading between friendly, opposite ends of the NHL, GM's... At the draft, things are positioned to work out well for Vancouver, Florida and Luongo, IMHO... Would work out even better if Luongo leaves the same year he helps bring Vancouver the cup...

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