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Originally Posted by MikeK View Post
Ponying up is definitely a fine line to walk on and one that many people would rather avoid. But Luongo is one of those talents that, no matter how many young prospects and high draft picks you have, you may never hit the lotto with. Luongo is a legit elite goalie with still lots of hockey left in him. I don't care what anyone say about his contract, he's a game changer and instantly makes any team better when playing in their net. If my team hadn't been in the playoffs for 7/8 years? and has really been a bust the last 10 I would be praying for my GM to make a bold move and get a guy like Luongo who could instantly make a difference. Unlike young prospects and picks that may never pan out.

haha so true. I actually think Burke is a good GM. He does have an ego and loves to hear himself speak but he's generally good at what he does. It is really too bad that he doesn't have any idea how to evaluate goalies because he'd have multiple rings if he did.
Originally Posted by MikeK View Post
It is true. I also believe it's true about Schneider as well. We are spoiled in Vancouver because, imo, we have 2 legitimate allstar goalies. Schneider just happens to be younger and cheaper. I'm not at all shocked that Vancouver has decided to go in the direction they have. It doesn't mean Luongo has lost his game or that Schneider is better or worse. Schneider is younger and cheaper and a fresh direction is what the team wants. Pretty obvious if you ask me.
Truth. Good stuff MikeK.

Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post

There's nothing that guarantees Weiss would be relegated to 3rd line duty. Sure we could spread out the offense, but I think having a second line of Booth-Weiss-Kesler would be amazing.
Have him as the 3C for the playoff run (oh presumptious me!) giving us 4 good lines, then make Booth - Weiss - Kesler the 2nd line next season... dare to dream?

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