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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
I also think that Subban is ahead of Pacioretty in terms of his contribution to the team at this age but I am not sure regarding Price to be honest.

Also we should not undervalue the importance of the word "team" in "contractual team structure". The whole concept is not just about money imo: if you want to play with Montreal, you will need to put the team first... that kind of thing. A good example would be Hossa, a few years ago, signing for slightly less than his market value in an effort to respect Detroit's contractual team structure.

Subban is, by far, one of my favorite players but if he refuses to accept the team structure, I would be willing to ship him out of town. Subban must not forget that this contractual team structure's main objective is to build a contender. The question is not "Does the team see me in its future"; it is "Is Subban willing to make a sacrifice in an effort to build a contender"... imo!
First of all, what is this team concept? This is Bergevin's first year. It was a previous administration giving out 2 years after the ELC. Maybe Bergevin wants to follow the same footsteps, maybe not.
What if Galchenyuk becomes a superstar right off the bat (not gonna happen, but hypothetically, or replace him by a future kid that we draft and becomes an instant superstar right off his rookie year), will he also have to abide by those same rules or will he get a huge deal right away?
Gainey was the most strict GM as for following his plans. No re-signals during the season, yet he did it with Koivu.
Now, we don't even know what PK is asking, and I don't believe for a second he's looking for a Doughty like deal. But maybe signing him to more than 2 years isn't the end of the world.

As for where Price was, there is no debate. He had a horrible year where he couldn't buy a win and Halak outplayed him. PK didn't go through that.

Hossa signed in Detroit for 1 year because he wanted to win the cup. It failed and he signed a 12year deal at 63M.

Also, you don't just ship a guy out of town because he wants extra years. I mean, if it's a guy you're worrying about because you don't know how good he actually is, then okay. But PK is a proven talent, and if you move him, you better get a massive return. Otherwise, not only will you likely lose this trade, but the Habs also will lose a ton of cash because PK is a huge marketing player.

Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
Also, some fans should try to remember that Subban is not the best player in the league and that he is not essential to our success. Subban is an RFA, thus his loss would be compensated.

He can go to Hell if he really wants a 50M$+ contract.
If he doesn't want a 50M+, he can go to heaven?
I wonder if LA would have won that cup had they told Doughty to go to hell because he wanted more cash.
Not that PK even wants this, Perno said both side would agree to a 4year deal, so it will likely be very far from 50M.

Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
You also don't give it 15% of your cap space for 8 years as an RFA.
Cap will go down and then back up, and that's considering PK gets like an 8M cap hit. Who in their right mind thinks he'll get that?

Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Our #1 D does not translate to a #1 D.

Like shuteinside said - I like Subban too, but let's face reality: he's had two years with lots of ups and downs. And now we're supposed to give him a $55-60m contract? Isn't that a bit crazy?
Yes, it is crazy, which is why it's likely NOT TRUE.
Heck, Crosby did not even get such a deal after his ELC, and people here think this is what PK is asking for?

People are putting more importance on what Dreger said than Perno, which is crazy.

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