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01-08-2013, 03:24 PM
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id like to ask leaf nation a question.

What bothers you more:
being the only team not to make the playoffs in the last 10 years.
Or How much the billion dollar company that charges max money for a sup par product spends on said product?

If the canucks could get zetterberg on a discount trade value wise do you think any canuck fans would care about the $$ the owners have to spend under the table?? heck no

The contract is peanuts to a team like the leafs.. A winning product will make them all that money back in spades.

I understand leaf fans want to use the contract to devalue Lu just like Van fans brush it off to build his value. Negotiations happen like this.

Im a canuck fan. If Lu was signed for 4 years at 5.2 we could pick anything from your team we wanted. Hes not so we have to be more resonable on our package requests. But dont for a second think that LU wont make more of a difference for the leafs than anything you send us back.

The leafs can afford the contract. The leafs can also afford to buy out the contract if it goes pear shaped. The leafs need a goalie. BB time is running out he is 4 years into a rebuild that has had highlights (lupul phanuef gardiner) and major lows (seguin Hamilton Monster) but no real traction.. he drafted 2nd overall his first year and 5th last year. Are the leafs better today than when he started.. sure but not 4 years of poor play better. They dont have edmontons assets or 20 mill in cap space.

This deal should happen because its the best hockey fit for both sides. i think the crunch will be a 1st or 1 level prospect to join bozak. Neither of those assets will make or break leaf nation. You lose a decent 2nd 3rd line tweener and one A asset. i promise after LU steals you 4-8 games this year you wont mind the price. Specially when your playing in the playoffs.

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