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Originally Posted by CootaRoo View Post
They've used lip service like that before. I also really don't see why a Russian couldn't just "retire" from the NHL to play in the KHL. Their NHL contract would be void at that point, no? Who cares if they can't go back to the NHL ever if they don't want to anyway (though Olympics might get sticky, but even that has legal workarounds somewhere I'm sure).

I agree it is implausible (except for Lubo, whom I really don't expect to see in the NHL), but it is foolish to talk in definitives.
No, it wouldn't be void.

Technically a player who retires from the league with an active contract is not 100% retired until the contract is over. If he was to retire and try to go play in the KHL, he wouldn't be allowed because he has an active NHL contract.

Edit :

I'll add in some more.

When a player retires, they get put on the voluntarily retired list.

When this happens, you can not return to the league for a full year unless every single Governor signs off on it.

Also, they may not re-enter organized hockey, professional or amateur, as a player for a period of three years from the date of such entry without the written consent of the Member Club making such entry

And : Being placed on the list does not relinquish a teams rights to that player. He cannot return and sign with another team during the remaining term of his contract and the team would still hold his RFA rights if he were not UFA eligible. A player cannot use retirement to circumvent the free agency rules.


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