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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The NHL is usually a 186 game season. How many days will the 2013 season be? 48 games is 58.5% of the 82 game season. Days are used to determine the cap hit. In 1995,the season went from January 20-May 3. 104 day season. That's $2,795,699 of the $5M salary. Add the $3,333,333. $6,129,032. That's what Redden is owed. He loses $1,666,667 in the amnesty buyout.

Redden avoided losing money in escrow the last 3 seasons by playing in the AHL. The players didn't lose that much in escrow.
Ah, I counted games and not days. You are, of course, right here. Makes it even more likely he might just walk away. Imagine that. We buyout Richards & Gaborik next year (after winning our Cup) and sign Getzlaf & Perry in the offseason for same $$$ instead.
THAT would be something, not gonna happen though...

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