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Originally Posted by 402 View Post
Some new details emerging from the CBA
UFA will now have an interview period with teams before july 1st. After the draft up until june 30 players get to meet with teams. This should mean more big UFAs sign on July 1st because they should have met with teams and made a decision by june 30th

Retaining salary in trades
This one is a bit confusing *to me. What i understood was teams can now retain up to 50% of a players salary/cap hit when trading him as a result the team on the otherside doesn't get as bad a contract, if that makes any sense. So. For example its like the Oilers trading Horcoff but keeping half of his salary and cap hit so the team getting him gets a reasonable contract with him and in this scenario we can get something back for him. Its supposed to help facilitate more trades.

Compliance buyouts
This is directly taken from the article*
"Teams will be allowed up to two buyouts over the next two summers -- 2013 and 2014 -- either one in each summer or two in one summer and none in the other. The new detail here that I found interesting is that any player bought out under these circumstances CANNOT be re-acquired by that same team during the upcoming season, not by waivers, not by trade and not by free-agent signing."

There is also something in there about a Luongo rule and player pensions that i'm not going to get into but definitely a good read.
haha the "NEW" detail is exactly the same as the last CBA. Lebrun is an idiot.

I like the idea of being able to trade salary/cap hit. It will make trades a lot easier for teams right up against the cap. it will also make players like horcoff tradeable.

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