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01-08-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by couture23 View Post
I think 70-80 is a bit of a stretch. Couts will always be known as an amazing defensive player, I see his ceiling as 55-60 points, but if he puts up 70 in a year than that would be incredible.

I'll get flamed for this big time, but I think Subban is a bit overhyped on here - I don't see him as a future Norris winner or anything. I'd rather have Couts but the Habs have no need for a centre.
You shouldn't get flamed for that opinion. Subban is a bit over hyped by we Montreal fans to a degree. There is also nothing wrong with someone preferring Couturier for their team over Subban. The problem is if they try to state that Couturier is better than Subban. Big difference.

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