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01-08-2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Might as well put this here: if you haven't heard of him, Sean Day is the player you'll want to tank for in 2016.
I haven't seen him play yet (don't know if I ever will since he plays for Compuware and they likely won't attend the OHL Cup), but some pretty heady comparisons are made (Coffey, Orr) and HHOF'er Brian Kilrea says he's the best 14 year old he's ever seen (which would include the likes of Gretzky, Lindros, McDavid, Tavares, etc.).
He's likely applying for EPS like Ekblad, McDavid, and Tavares and if some are to be believed, he's basically a lock to be approved.
The only reason I really thought I'd mention him is because he's represented by Jason Woolley.
It's pretty hard to make me feel old, but this kid does it successfully when I realize that he was born around the time Woolley played for the Sabres..

Another kid represented by Woolley is one I saw at the Marlies Classic a few weeks ago: Mitch Marner.
He's a 2015 prospect and is positively puny (5'7'' and listed anywhere from 120-150 pounds) but is the type of player I love.
He'll be ignored and then bam.. he'll grow and become a top prospect just like so many before him.
Just figured I'd mention him now so I can be a hipster when he's popular.
Now to figure out what rhymes with Day...

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