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01-08-2013, 03:58 PM
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Let's go all in this year.


Raymond for Condra and Ottawa's 3rd. They proposed it, and I see Condra with Hansen-esque upside, although he's smaller, and skillset is a little duller at the present time, for a player I feel doesn't have a set place here. A third to boot, proposed and approved by Sens fans.

Luongo for Bozak, Kadri, Gunnarsson and Toronto's 2nd. We get our 3C, a higher end prospect, a top 4 D to replace Ballard later, and a (presumed) middle of the pack 2nd. Scrap the 2nd if it's too much, but I feel the values about right.

Gaunce and Vancouver's 1st for Plekanec. Our temporary 2nd line center, and longer term addition to the second line as a winger, or possible shifting Kesler there.


Ballard for Petrov and NYI's 3rd. We move Ballard, get a reasonable "B" prospect and a pick, and would be presumably eat some of the salary in exchange for what we recieve. This trade would be made at seasons end.

Free agents:

Sign Ellis to a 1 year, 1.5 million deal to keep Lack playing on the Wolves when he's healed up. This is on the high end intentionally.

Line up:

Weise (Waivers), Kassian/Condra/Malhotra

Ballard-Tanev (Tanev/Gunnarsson)
Alberts, Tanev/Gunnarsson


Upon Kesler's, and if needed Edler's, return, we hit 69.275 for an over full 24 man roster, dropping someone (presumably Weise) when Kesler's back, leaving some room to manuver for the deadline.

Drop Malhotra, Bozak, Alberts and Ballard, pencil in small raises to Lapierre and Higgins, and resign Edler (5 ish), boom, and tweak a little for next season's roster.

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