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01-08-2013, 04:19 PM
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I would recommend ensuring that your glutes are strong. I suspect this is the hockey butt everyone talks about. I've had long recurring groin issues and finally found a good PT who pinpointed weak glutes as the cause.

My PT used single legged squats as the barometer of my glut strength/stability but the main exercise I did was "glute clam exercises" with therabands around my knees. A real simple exercise but man it isolates the glutes and you can generate a burn very easily. Do them slow and keep your pelvis motionless.

Inverted hamstrings is a good maintenance exercise you can do to improve balance and glute engagement.

Once I strengthened my glutes, my skating style changed for the better and I now put far less pressure on my groin muscles. I also noticed that crossing over on my weak side dramatically improved.

Legs feed the wolf.

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