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01-08-2013, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by CombatOnContact View Post
Simple solution:

"get NHL Center Ice for free" applies to those who call in and subscribe/add it to their cable/sat package. No charge to the account adding it. Rather, the charge goes to the NHL. Then they can split if 50/50 with the NHLPA or whatever.

this whole 'not owned by the NHL but by another company and cable company' crap is just a lame excuse.
You have two possibilities, the NHL cuts in demand a check for the distribution of content it owns the rights to, or the NHL offers free ( or reduced cost) gamecenter live and cuts no one a check. Now factor into this the increase in the number of people who will take the NHL up on their offer simply because its free ( people who would have not have bought it at full price), plus you would have to negotiate it with tons of cable companies, I dont know if in demand does it for rogers or the canadian cable companies or not.

Im fine with either, but I dont think that either will happen and if one does its far likelier to be GCL than CI.

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