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Originally Posted by superdeluxe View Post
Quick question:

How many of you guys go to WHL games?

What is the situation in regards to refs letting the players fight?

It seems like some games at Showare Center for Thunderbirds, the refs will only step in once the fighters go to the ice.

Others seems like they are determined to keep them apart.

This past Saturday I was at the Thunderbirds vs Spokane Chiefs game. Both teams were getting roughing/slashing etc etc penalities all day long.

I remarked to my buddy (Refs need to let them figure it out on the ice, or this is going to turn ugly).

Well the refs kept on breaking up fights all night long. So with about 30 seconds to go in the game a big fight broke out at first..eventually going down to 2 pairs of fighters. One fight thunderbird player ripped off the chief's players helmet and beat him with it..I think he hit the refs several times as well.

What are your guys thoughts on that?
I do. I'm a semi-regular at T-Birds games. Usually the games against Portland wind up having multiple fights breaking out. It varies from one group of refs to another but generally if only a couple of players are going at it they'll let it play out but if a bunch of players are brawling they'll jump in and separate them pretty quick.

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