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06-13-2006, 01:56 PM
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Julien lost his way to a certain extent and swayed from what got him to the NHL.
His succes has been primarily linked to the fact that he was a good teacher and could develop players to play within his X's and O's systems. Unfortunately after his success in Montreal just before the lockout, expectations were higher this year round. The great start that the Habs had going IIRC 12-3 contributed to the illusion that the Habs were a stronger team thab they actually were. Then reality set in and CJ started trying to be a no nonsense type coach. Well with little experience and credibility who was he going to pick on? So he started sitting the rookies thinking that it was going to miraculously spark the team. He went to a conservative defensive system because he realized Theodore was his weak link and couldn't afford to expose him by playing run and gun.

Personally I think if CJ just follows what made him successful he will do fine in NJ. The media pressure won't be there. The 1,000,000 HF posters won't be after him for not playing the rookies 20 minutes per game.

I could see him doing well if surrounded with a Scott Stevens type asst coach who will command respect as well and a rah-rah type asst. coach who can keep the guys loose.
Mario Tremblay anyone?

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