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01-08-2013, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Hollywood Burrows View Post
they're in better shape than they were before Burke took over, but in worse shape than they would be if someone besides Burke had been running them this entire time. This hypothetical person would have rebuilt the team properly, mainly by keeping the picks that would have given them Hamilton and Seguin.
LOL. Maybe they would have, Burkie has done pretty well (Kessel deal aside - his one bad mistake in four years, not bad if you're willing to be objective about it) in the trade department.. is this hypothetical person the complete package, does he deal as well as Burke and hit home runs in the free agency department as well?

I'm not saying Burke has been perfect, close to it or even good enough.. just that those saying the Leafs aren't better now than they were in 2008 are getting carried away with themselves.

IMO their roster is 100% garbage outside of Gardiner. I don't see how we can make a deal with them for Lu. They literally have nothing to offer us. It would have to be a 3-way deal. Schroeder is a better option than Bozak. Players like Kulemin, Kadri, Lupul are all garbage and useless to us.
"Garbage," what a ridiculous thing to say about legitimate NHL players (the Leafs have a few, just not enough).

Guys like Phaneuf are plenty good, just not cheap enough. Gunnarsson is a legitimate player. Grabovski is maybe a million overpaid, tops. Etc, etc.

I wouldn't trade Luongo to the Leafs for what their fans want to give up for him, but that doesn't mean the organization is top to bottom trash.

Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
Burke should be given credit, for turning the Leafs from a bottom feeder, to one of the best bottom feeders in the league...

Still a clown organization... but now, a serious clown... Like a mime... Less of a child's entertainer making goaltenders out of balloons, and more using hands to suggest the invisible box they are trapped in...

In the end though, still a clown...

Wouldn't disagree with this, even if I wanted to.

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