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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Im not talking about the initial fight, I have no problem with teamates going into the oppositions bench if one of their teamates is getting double and tripple teamed. What I'm saying is that after the majority of the white players had left the bench, 44 in white skates towards the bench and someone in black takes a poke at him from the bench and it starts back up. Because it was hard to see numbers, I wasnt sure if the guy who took the shot at 44 in white was the same guy who picked up the stick and speared someone. I'm still pretty sure that it was not but it looks like the guy who speared the player picked up a stick on two separate occasions before the spear.

since you seem to be fammiliar with it, does brandon kosolovsky ( sp?) wear an A ? he got 6 games so I assume he was the one with the stick in his hands.
Branden Kosolofsky.

I don't know who has what right now. We've had so many moves lately. The claimed spear wasn't really a spear. He was just trying to get people away from the bench. The guy who swung at 44 (Fulton) was Anthony Collins. He's the only fighter on the Surge.

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