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01-08-2013, 05:27 PM
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Lu's got to be one of the most consistent and proven people in the league. His contract, despite many of the fears of amateur armchair GM's, is more than manageable. As others have shown, it's actually a selling point with the prospect of circumventing a penalty via LTIR all the while making use of the unreasonably cheap 5.3 million cap hit for elite goaltending. When that trails and dips below is definitely debatable, but that game is impossible to predict. All you can do is go off past play which tells you that he's been at the top of his game since he came into the league and that he'll continue to put up great numbers wherever he goes.

So what do elite players get when you trade them? Well, a lot. When in talks with Florida, MG and Tallon were butting heads with MG wanting Huberdeau and Tallon not budging. Likely because of Lu wanting to go to Florida and Vancouver then dealing from a disadvantage. But without that disadvantage, if Florida isn't an option, it doesn't seem reasonable to expect that an elite player in the NHL will go for rentals and low picks when other teams don't have that kind of similar trade advantage. You can bet that if Vancouver expects to get a return like Huberdeau from Florida that Gillis is not going to trade Lu for Bozak and Kadri. He'll likely go after the kind of players that many people here consider untouchable. But the GM's realize that while Gillis isn't in a rush to kick Lu out, (especially with the benefit a goalie duo provides in a rushed schedule) teams that could make big strides this season with an improved goalie will start to get nervous. There's added pressure to make the playoffs this year because of the missing revenue from games missed. Edmonton, TO, Chi, Washington are far from the only teams that would benefit. Unplugging Lu from Van will take something big - not just because of the competition, but because of how very proven he is at being a top performer.

Ultimately, it will come down to trading highly proven talent for unproven talent with high upside. There's no way Gillis should settle for anything less than top prospects from teams given that at the very least, what's going their way is a goalie that will have an estimated 5 years of top quality goaltending. Knowing the quality of the performance ahead is more than can be said for many of these younger players.

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